A loss for W&L




华盛顿和李行长罗伯特E. R.亨特利,'50“57L,带领大学形式1968年至1983年,去世(分解)。 10.下面是总裁Ken Ruscio,发送到大学社区十二月的电子邮件。 11。

我写的噩耗与罗伯特·爱德华·罗亚尔亨特利,华盛顿和李的1968年至1983年的总裁,昨天去世,分解。 10在他的家肯德尔在列克星敦。我是86。

We have lost one of W&L’s most important and beloved figures. President Huntley made innumerable and invaluable contributions as a student, as an alumnus, as a member of the faculty and administration, and as the president. He personified our highest values of civility and integrity, and was able to articulate and explain those values with eloquence and force. He was indeed a Washington and Lee legendary figure.

The 20th president of W&L, he was the first and only alumnus to be inaugurated as president in the 20th century. When he was named president on Jan. 3, 1968, he was 38 years old and had only recently taken the dean’s post at the Law School. He took office on Feb. 5, succeeding acting president William W. Pusey III, and was inaugurated on Oct. 18 that year.


He held two degrees from W&L, a B.A. (1950) and an L.L.B. (1957). President Huntley majored in English as an undergraduate and graduated summa cum laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He won election as vice president of the student body and received the Washington Literary Society Award for the most distinguished service to the university of any graduating student. As a law student, he served as editor in chief of the Washington and Lee Law Review. He belonged to the Order of the Coif, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and Delta Tau Delta social fraternity. He also earned an LL.M. from Harvard University in 1962.


他的想法总裁亨特利表达在教育他的1981年毕业典礼上的演讲。 “给了我们力量的教育,是一种力量,我们可以在没有其他办法得到的:权力自己,”我说。和“教育是什么,我们将不得不如果我们要成为的人,人类。性格是什么,我们必须有,如果我们将是良好的人类。“

We are working closely with President Huntley’s family on further communications, including a tribute to him that will appear later today on the W&L website. It will also contain information on the memorial service.

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